I have always had this passion and dream to one day work as a health care professional, with the knowledge and ability to care for the sick in my community. I had asthma as a child and every time I had a check-up at outpatients, I would act as a nurse or doctor and tend to the patients sitting alongside me while waiting to see the doctor. They would always tell me that “you are going to be a great nurse once you’re all grown up” and today I feel so honoured to know that I have come this far as to make my dream a reality.

What I enjoy most about this career is that I can help people all around the province and even the country. It brings me great satisfaction knowing that once I have assisted my patients or they have been discharged, they leave so much healthier than before.

Challenges help me grow as a nurse and as a person. My vision is to make a difference in my career by using knowledge and my abilities to better the community, especially the young generation and to make sure that they receive the best care and information, which can ultimately lead them to become our next health care providers.


My journey and my love for nursing began when I was very young. As a child I worshipped my mother who became my role model. She motivated me to achieve my dreams. It wasn’t always easy! My parents could not afford medical aid, or the finances needed for private doctors. My mother was often sick, and it hurt to see my father not knowing whether to choose between purchasing medicine or food for the week. As a child, I wished that I had the proper knowledge to know how I could help my mom. I knew that if I acquired the proper skills and knowledge regarding health then my family would not suffer the way they did.

Nursing enables me to grow, to learn, to empower others and to make a difference in the lives of many. The branch of nursing that I enjoy the most would be community health nursing. I feel that it is so important and powerful to educate the community about their health on a primary level. We can prevent diseases by immediately providing direct care to the patients.

My greatest challenge right now is surviving through nursing school without my parents by my side. My father passed away when I was ten years old, and my mother passed away in 2021 due to Covid-19. I now live alone with my younger brother who still needs to attend school. It has become quite a challenge of maintaining the balance between studying, attending classes and long hours of clinical placement. I prepare myself mentally by affirming myself that one day the situation at home will change, and I’m already changing the lives of so many others. I don’t ever want to stop providing health care and be an example when it comes to who a nurse should be.


My philosophy of nursing comes directly from my desire to help people.   Ever since I discovered my love for nursing in high school, I started job shadowing as a nurse at Netcare hospital. I wanted to do something ambitious and intriguing that has a good impact on people’s daily lives. The nursing profession deals with various elements of patient care, and I enjoy the variety and routine. My devotion to the sector has grown even stronger over the last couple of years.

I want to be a nurse because I find joy in serving those in need. Nursing is a profession that never stops giving! I love how this has trained me to be selfless and more compassionate towards others. Every day, you learn something new, and the potential for growth is limitless!   When I see my patients improving, I am overjoyed within. Nurses play an essential role in the health system. Nurses promote health, prevent disease, take care of the ill, disabled, and dying people. It is a challenging profession that requires dedication and commitment.

As a nurse, I can use my knowledge and transform it into compassionate, high-quality care at the bedside. I can make a difference in the lives of patients, families, and communities. I will utilize knowledge, compassion, ethics, and honesty in the provision of care and within the profession on a small or large scale.


I have always had a desire to help others who are in need.  Becoming a nurse meant that I could live my dream, helping others in my community and save lives every day! There are thousands of people who are suffering, have been in accidents, need medical assistance or help and by being part of the nursing community, it gives me the opportunity to learn the skills and knowledge necessary to enable me to care and make a difference.

Aside from my enjoyment of helping people, I enjoy gaining the knowledge needed to be a good nurse. I enjoy seeing the difference made whether it is big or small. I think the most rewarding aspect is the connection I make with different patients and how big of a role I have in their medical journey while they are in my care. The degree offers a wide field of working opportunities from tending to women in labour and new-borns, assisting a diverse variety of people of all different ages through their lives to palliative care for the elderly to see that they pass on comfortably.

Nursing is an emotionally challenging career path as it deals directly with people’s emotional and medical well-being. I hope to change people’s view on nursing as a career.   This is such a noble profession and as nurses we should feel proud! There is a huge variety of fields to specialise in as we work in hospitals, schools, universities, and corporates. We can achieve so much – the sky is the limit for nurses!  Nurses develop critical skills which can be used at any time.


I decided to pursue a career in nursing because I have always been passionate about helping others from different environments and cultures. After doing my research in the field of nursing, I discovered the many different specialties there are.  I then knew nursing was the right career path for me. The Nursing Profession is rapidly expanding, providing countless opportunities for my future. As a nurse I have numerous opportunities to work abroad and experience different cultures. Working in different situations helps strengthen my ability to multitask and adapt to different scenarios. I never wanted an ordinary, simple career.   I wanted to do something that is challenging, interesting, and makes a difference in people’s lives every day. In the nursing profession, you deal with many aspects of patient care, and I enjoy the variety as well as the routine.

The most pleasant thing is going home knowing that you have made a difference in a patient or family. This gives a sense of worth and meaning in my life. I love the uniform!  Waking up to dress in that uniform gives me a sense of being a hero, because everywhere I walk people know that I am going to improve, inspire and save lives. I also enjoy knowing that I can study further. It is good to know that there is a variety of options to continue with education in nursing.

I enjoy being a nursing student and try to cope with every difficult aspect of the profession. I want to be an example and inspire everyone, by being punctual and dressing with pride in the uniform I wear. I will take care of patients holistically with compassion, commitment, and competence. In this way the nursing profession will be valued, and society will appreciate our effort. The challenge I face mostly is often explaining to people what nurses do.  There is a stereotype amongst society that I’m ‘just a nurse’ and I struggle to explain to people that this is who I want to be; it is not a step to medical school, and I have never thought about being a physician. I am a nurse, and I am proud of that.


The reason I chose Nursing is because I am passionate and always willing to help those who need help.

The thing I enjoy the most about Nursing is that you acquire knowledge. There is always an opportunity to learn.

The most challenging thing in Nursing is trying to relate practical to theory. There is always stress when working with people because you must respect their religion and cultures. I hope I will be able to get patients to be more confident when they are at hospital because they will be in safe hands.


Nursing has always been my choice of career since I was in high school. I have always taken interest in this career and when I got accepted into this program, I could finally experience what it is all about. I live out my passion daily and always go the extra mile when it comes to patient care. I enjoy every experience that comes with being a nurse. I get to meet different people from all walks of life. I get to serve God in my career.

I get to understand the science behind nursing and understand the important role of nurses in society. As any other field of work, you have the good and bad side. But I have learned to embrace these challenges and take them in my stride. I am still learning to overcome the challenges of being a student who is working long hours while studying!

Growing up in a very challenging environment, where kids are falling by the wayside, I am an ambassador to them. Showing them that we can rise above our circumstances.


As a child I always had this fulfilling and amazing feeling every time I helped the elderly in my community. This gave birth to a desire of wanting to always be involved in helping people and bring happiness to their faces. Nursing was a perfect fit for me as it means doing what I love every day.

I enjoy bringing peace and understanding to patients at their most vulnerable moments and doing my best to make them feel better again. The other thing I love the most about nursing is that you learn new things every day and the opportunity for growth is almost unlimited.

I find it difficult to pretend not to be emotionally attached to patients, because I believe that everyone deserves to be loved and treated with respect. Having to put your feelings aside is a bit challenging for me. I want to be the voice and advocate for patients maintaining their human dignity while promoting equality and improving health education in the community.


Nursing was not always on the cards for me. Although I was surrounded by great nurses within my family, I did not think much about becoming a nurse myself.  When I finished high school, I was on my way to University of Bloemfontein to study education. After getting my keys for my accommodation I then proceeded to the University for registration I then found out they had an overflow in the intake of students.  I was one of them!   I decided then and there that I was going to return home. While on my way home I remember having this feeling of disappointment, regret, and sadness but Nelson Mandela University changed that. When I heard that there was a spot left in the Extended Nursing Programme, I instantly knew that this was a sign. This was when those feelings turned into hope plus an opportunity to serve others. So, when I am asked why I chose nursing I say it chose me! It knew that I had something to offer people that was beyond comprehension. Now I do not see myself doing anything else.

I enjoy what I do but most importantly I LOVE what I do because it gives me the opportunity to give back. It allows me to be the first one there to bring life into this world and at the same time possibly be there for them when it ends.  We are in trying times and it is especially challenging if you are unable to help in the way you want to. It is very tough when you must be the bearer of sad news.  It is challenging when you lose a patient who you cared for but with the same breath it brings me the peace and satisfaction, I need to know that I made a difference. I hope to make a difference by simply being me and that comes with the care, love, and joy I have for my career and others.

“People may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelo