You have a voice:

  • Promote a culture of honour, respect and gratitude towards all nurses, wherever you go

  • Encourage exceptional young men and women to consider nursing as a career

  • If you are a trained nurse who is no longer employed, consider doing a refresher course to re-enter the profession.

  • Community Clinic Managers welcome the volunteer assistance of previously trained nursing staff.

  • Consider getting a team of TEN from your work place or your church to participate in the 7km NIGHT RUN FOR NURSES

  • Celebrate International Nurses Day, the 12th May, By baking or donating token gifts to the nurses working in your nearest public hospital or community clinic

  • Donate a banner to your nearest hospital to honour and value the nurses working there. A banner costs R1000.

“Who will go, who will stand to bring healing and peace to our beautiful land?” Teresa Basson
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